Compellis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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Compellis Pharmaceuticals is an early stage specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing therapeutics to treat obesity and related disorders. The Company has been supported to date by private investors.

The founders of Compellis were originally interested in identifying re-purposed drugs for the potential treatment of olfactory dysfunction; a market opportunity they felt was not being adequately addressed. During this evaluation process they became aware that a frequent side effect of olfactory dysfunction (i.e. the loss of smell) was loss of interest in food (reduction in appetite) and subsequent weight loss. The potential to modulate olfactory sensation in order to achieve a reduction in food intake, thereby leading to a desired weight reduction, has led to a new weight therapy. The core of the therapy is a calcium channel blocker taken nasally to block olfactory activity.

Committed to creating medicines that better the quality of life for patients suffering from health-related conditions, illness or disease; and bringing therapies to those that need them as rapidly as possible.

Product Focus:
Innovative Medicines for:

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension