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Compellis Pharmaceuticals Presents Results of Pilot Clinical Study at Obesity Society Annual Meeting Print E-mail

Novel patented weight loss approach was well tolerated by subjects

Boston, Mass., September 29, 2010 — Compellis Pharmaceuticals, Inc., an early-stage pharmaceutical company developing novel mechanism-based therapeutics for the treatment of obesity, will present the results of its Phase I pilot clinical trial at the annual Obesity Society meeting. The meeting is being held from October 1-5, 2011 in Orlando Florida.

Study subjects were given one of three doses of the drug (CP404) to test safety, tolerability and impact on smell perception. CP404 is a calcium channel blocker and has been used in oral dosage form to treat high blood pressure. The novel mechanism for the drug therapy is based on the inhibition of calcium channel activity in the olfactory pathways. Local blockade of the sense of smell is predicted to reduce individuals' interest in food intake and lead to therapeutic weight reduction.

The Obesity Society is dedicated to the study, prevention and treatment of obesity. Since 1982, the society has been committed to encouraging research on the causes, treatment, and prevention of obesity as well as keeping the scientific community and public informed of new advances in the field.

About Compellis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Compellis Pharmaceuticals, an early-stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel mechanism-based therapeutics for the treatment of obesity and related disorders. The company reformulates FDA approved products and identifies proprietary delivery methods to treat broad metabolic disorders and improve quality of life.